Sandboard Dunes of Pica

$25.000 CLP

Sandboard Dunes of Pica

$25.000 CLP

Brief description of the tourist product:

119 km from the city of Iquique, we find a unique place located in the driest desert in the world and there are Only 2 in Latin America, we talked about the Pica Oasis, a magical place full of mysteries, adventures and adrenaline. Come and enjoy with us one of the most extreme sports of the desert, the SANDBOARD. In the activity we will glide through ancestral dunes that were part of the Inca Trail, enjoy its fine sands, the breezes of the wind descending and the beautiful view offered by this paradisiacal place at sunset.

Places to visit:

Dunes of the Oasis of Pica.

We have a variety of dunes to meet the different levels and demands of our customers.


  • - Transfer within the commune of Pica
  • - Equipment (Sandboard and Helmet Board)
  • - Instruction
  • - Extra hydration ( Water replenishment)
  • - Photos
  • - Videos

Does not include:

  • - Transfer to the commune of Pica.
  • - Food.


Tomorrow, 08:00 am until 11:00 am

Afternoon, 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.


Minors over 5 years old can carry out the activity accompanied at all times with a parent and / or guardian plus the instruction of the guide. Minors over 10 years, prior simple authorization of parent and / or guardian, can perform the activity alone. Maximum age to perform the activity is 50 years, without heart disease or physical limitations.

No previous experience is needed to perform the activity, more so if the ability to follow instructions.

See cancellation and development policies.