Alpaca scarf

$18.000 CLP

Alpaca scarf

$18.000 CLP


100% handmade scarf made of alpaca fabric. Natural color.

Made by the Association of Artisans of Camiña. Sum Marka.

Type: Alpaca poncho.

Color: Brown.

Size: Small.


Dry Cleaning

When your garment is dry cleaned we recommend the following:

  • Take your garment to a reputable laundry that has experience working with natural fibers.  
  • Show the label with the washing instructions. All our products have this label.  
  • Inform the laundry representative about the existence of stains; they will want to try some of these before they start the dry cleaning process.


    • As a general precaution, we do not recommend hanging knitted garments.  
    • To avoid moth damage, take normal moth precautions.  
    • When storing your clothes, it is recommended to hang them in a well-ventilated area.


      • Special care is recommended for very thin and light knit garments, which have a loose and delicate look, as they may be prone to snagging.  
      • Our garments are mainly made with fibers from South American camelids, being natural fibers, excessive friction can generate a natural detachment of hair.

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